Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Remembering Mike

Long legs, a delightful walking contradiction: he was ever the instigator and ever the charmer, quick wit and goofy humor, sarcasm and kindness. So many layers, I find it difficult to describe Mike without sounding like I'm referring to a bottle of fine wine. A truly rare person.

I met Mike through Teri. For many months, when Teri and I would speak on the phone, he was an allusive quip in the background. When I first met him at a local Cat Show, I had not expected him to be so tall. Usually when you meet someone that tall – after you speak to them a while – they seem to shrink with their personalty, become grounded, I suppose. But not Mike, the more he spoke, the taller he seemed to be! His intelligence was equally balanced by his lighthearted nature, which made his sarcasm oddly adorable. I'm not sure how he managed that, he could get away with saying things others couldn't. He made going to a Cat Show more unforgettable than the breeds being shown.

I took this of Mike and Teri's little Rock Stars,
when I met up with them at the show last month.

At the Show, I quickly noticed how completely enamored Mike was with Teri. Ever attentive, and helpful in showing and toting the cats around. As far as Mike was concerned, though, Teri took the prize every time! It was quite evident, in the little time I knew him, that when Teri was in the room, no others existed. It was a true joy to witness. Even when he could not sit near her during the judging, he would stand tall and keep his eyes glued to her reactions. He was one of the happiest men I have ever met.

The first time I held my Cornish Rex, Mike plopped her like a little rag doll into my arms. It was a truly special moment, I will forever treasure. "Aw, how cute," Mike said smiling, "the little Mud Hen likes you!" He then, of course, turned to see Teri's reaction. I believe every time he made her giggle, he had to restrain himself from falling over with joy!

Newborn Gizmo, he was born the day before I met
Mike and Teri in person. I showed Mike this picture,
he said it brought back happy memories for him.

His love of cats, and his love of goats was a testimonial to his big heart. At the show I was able to share with him some pictures of my new kids, he grinned like a little boy, thanked me, and said," I needed a goat fix." That comment still amuses me to this day. I couldn't predict what was to tumble from his mouth next, this I found intriguing. His laugh, very infectious, no one can ever say he was a bore. I am grateful for the time I was able to spend with Mike and Teri, while they were showing their cats in my town.

When they were here, they were kind enough to have dinner with me. Eating dinner with Mike and Teri was so much fun, it's always a pleasure to enjoy good food and great company! So generous, and caring, watching them share tastes of what they ordered was so sweet, they did it without thought. Such a natural love. I felt like I was an extra in a good-old-fashioned Romance film! After dinner, they held hands to cross the street. I am indebted to them both. True love is no longer something I am only able to associate with my parents. I know how I want to be loved now, and it no longer seems impossible.

I feel so honored to have known Mike Thorsteinson
. I believe there are genuine people whom come into your life that make this world a better place, that make you laugh and smile, that make you think more deeply, that inspire you, and that bring you joy. Remembering him will always bring a smile to my face.



  1. This is just lovely.

    And it goes to show you what kind of a man Mike was--look at the people he attracted!

  2. It makes me, a complete stranger wish I had known him as well.

    Loving tributes here this evening.